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Shivbaba's Murli Clarification VCD311 [English] - For General Public, BKs and PBKs

SUITABLE FOR General Public, BKs and PBKs ONLY
For full index of Shivbaba’s Murli Clarifications see – Shivbaba narrated Gyan Murlis (flute of knowledge) through Brahma Baba and is now clarifying the true meaning of those Murlis (the true Gita), the advanced knowledge, to the Prajapita Brahma Kumar/Kumaris (i.e. Advance Party). The Advance Party and the Brahma Kumaris Organization (BKWSU) form the two halves of the alokik (other-worldly) Brahmin family who will eventually re-unite to transform this hell into heaven.

Run time 1hr 43mins
Producer By Shivbaba
Production Company By Shivbaba
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language Hindi with English translation
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